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Inovatief, veilig, praktisch - dat is waar MiniKoioi voor staat.
Alle producten zijn vooral heel veilig, veilig geproduceerd, en dus veilig voor je baby.
Bpa-vrij, PVC-vrij, and phatalate vrij. Ook zijn alle producten zorgvuldig gemaakt zonder schadelijke of chemische producten!
Alleen het beste voor je kindje. En dat met een geweldig design, prachtige kleuren en ook nog eens goede prijzen!



Our company aims to offer innovative and practical products, and 

we always prioritize safety and quality. Our products are

tested at world renowned independent facilities

against any harmful chemicals and

physical/mechanical safety.


All our products are tested and

approved as Bpa-free, PVC-free, and phatalate free.

Morever, we conduct specific tests for each

product group as listed below.




  • Minikoioi Sleep Buddy and Toothee have CE marking which

       indicates that it is complied with EU safety standards.

  • Minikoioi Sleep Buddy is tested for flammability and approved as per European Standard on Safety of Toys (EN71-2: 2011+A1: 201).

  • Minikoioi Sleep Buddy has a 100% silicone, latex-free pacifier which is safe to use by infants/babies who have latex allergy.

  • Minikoioi Flexi-Bib is tested for heavy metals which liberate when the material reacts with saliva. (And why would we need this test? Because babies love sucking and chewing our silicone bib as it shootes their sour gums due to its soft texture just like a teether!)